Belinda carlisle dating

The band sold eight million albums in just three years.

Carlisle went on to have a successful solo career with hits such as Mad About You, Circle in the Sand, Leave a Light On, Runaway Horses, and We Want The Same Thing, among others.

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After studying drama in London she took up photography, and was dubbed the new Cartier- Bresson by Charles Saatchi.

The three-day festival runs from August 11 to 13 and will feature live music acts across three major music stages and various other events for families.

Carlisle will perform tracks from the classic album Heaven On Earth along with her back catalogue of material.

She rose to fame in the early 1980’s where she gained worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of the Go-Go’s.

The good news is that Belinda Carlisle is back, and in considerable style.

After a career which, as she cheerfully admits, has taken in pretty well every form of over-indulgence and addiction ever conceived of, Carlisle, dumped by her record company and now pushing 50, appeared to have passed into that ghostly realm from which few, if any, former pop stars ever return. - despite its rotten title – may well be the best thing she's ever done.


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