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Ivona Gordon is a fully qualified Life Coach, Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist and facilitator, specialising in love, life and relationships.

She is known for getting single people ‘relationship ready’.

In a beach house up the coast from Sydney lives an elderly widow, Ruth Field.

Ruth and her husband, Harry, moved to their former holiday home on retirement; now Harry is dead, their sons far away.

She picked up best matchmaker of the year (UK Dating Awards, 2015), is the author of ‘Smart Dating’ and a seasoned guest of TV and Radio talks.

Her passion is simple: to help you find your soulmate.

I am quite shy and find it very hard to approach other guys so in that respect a speed dating event was perfect - you don't have to approach anyone.

Mary is not only the world’s best dating coach (i Date 2016), she is the most experienced dating expert in the UK, having founded the first niche dating site Loveand in 1999 and run the award-winning matchmaking and dating agency, Drawing Down the Moon, for 30 years.

A taxi, driven by Frida’s brother George, idling in the distance like a sickly portent, ferries her to and from the house daily.Danny is a tax lawyer turned chocolate mistress who’s love life has been as colourful as her employment career.Danny has previously written a successful blog on her real-life dating experiences; “Danny’s Dirty Thirty” which reached audiences worldwide.Imaginary, surely – except for a feral stink the next morning.Ruth’s solitude is interrupted by the arrival of a large, resolute stranger.Then Ruth discovers that Frida only pretends to leave each evening and has co-opted a spare room.


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