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When you first click on the chat link, you will be greeted with a series of rooms. Once you enter the room, it may seem like there is a lot going on, but we're going to break down each component and you will see how easy it actually is.On the upper right side of the window, you will see a list of user names below it. Next to the username, you may see one of two icons. If you see a camera icon, that means their camera is on and you can view them by clicking on the icon next to their name.The Guardian reports that the spying was "based on collecting information from GCHQ's huge network of internet cable taps." What's interesting here, though, is the date of the program.Up until 2012, Yahoo provided public video chat rooms through its Messenger service, after which time they turned the public option off.- Place a check mark in this box to enable this feature and require web cams to be turned on in your chat room.- Be sure this box is un-checked if you do NOT want this feature, and anyone can enter web cam or no web cam.

The dates could be a coincidence, of course, but given the somewhat boastful nature of other leaked NSA/GCHQ documents, it's equally feasible that the analysts are using vague language to show off their prowess at screen scraping.

They will then appear in your "dock" below the text field.

If you see a microphone, that means they are currently on the mic singing!

You must read and agree to the following before you can enter chat: CHAT HELP & INSTRUCTIONS - Click here for instructions on different aspects of the chat room.

By clicking "I agree" you agree to follow and be bound by the rules and conditions on this page.


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