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After a date and time was set, we met ‘Z’ on an unusually rainy night in the desert.Arriving ahead of the men, I was lucky to snag a private, dark and cozy spot in the lounge of a popular restaurant complete with a love seat, perfect for ‘Z’ to get a close-up view of my sexy outfit, take in the scent of my perfume and clearly see the ‘key’ I wore as a charm to my necklace.We have received many emails from Cuckold Husbands and Hot Wives wanting to send in their naked wife pics.A Cuckold is a man who enjoys seeing his wife fuck another man.

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The extent to which a couple incorporate cuckolding into their marriage is naturally their personal preference.

Dating doesn’t seem to be an option with ‘A’ and to be honest I want that and much more…to be clear I’m certainly not calling it quits with ‘A’.

I desire a more complete relationship of three that includes my cuckold, james.

By Ms Bailey of Cuckold Fantasies - 800-356-6169 Cuckolding is becoming quite popular and more acceptable than ever in our society.

A cuckolding couple consists of the cuckold husband who is referred to as the cuckold, or the beta male.


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