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You’ve got those complaining you’re less than gentlemanly one moment, and then another set chastising you for not taking them seriously as independent women the next. And yes, the chauvinistic judgments will no doubt shine through that stink eye she gives you, but please—ignore it. We don’t need you to stand up when we leave a table or get every door, box and tab. Step in if we get hassled by some drunken idiot on the subway. We ladies probably seem impossible to please, because everyone’s got a different idea of what’s acceptable now. Sometimes, you’re going to offer to help with those bags she’s carrying and get a biting glare. It’s how we weed out the good guys from the toxic ones.

Free Beer And Hot archives all programs from the past 120 days.You’re either the sexist jerk for lending an unprompted hand, or the inconsiderate jerk for not doing so. But deep down, we still appreciate when guys to treat us like ladies. I know that answer is the worst, but keep listening. Most women want to know you’re invested in them as human beings from the start of dating, straight on through the phase when we settle into the relationship. “I still believe chivalry is alive and well,” says dating and relationship expert Julie Spira. She gives smart, super-honest advice about your biggest dating and relationship conundrums.Listen online to any archived show, or download an MP3 of the program.The most recent program will be added to the archive by PM ET the day of the show.Girl next door: You have to break your lease if it doesn’t work out.


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