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This is a featured picture on the German language Wikipedia (Exzellente Bilder) and is considered one of the finest images.This is a featured picture on the English language Wikipedia (Featured pictures) and is considered one of the finest images.His body was not found until some point over the weekend, when police broke into his apartment after being alerted by his worried family. - Possible third terrorist dead in Saint-Denis As we reported earlier there are suggestions that a third terrorist died in the huge police raid in Saint-Denis this morning.She had been at a house party in the centre of Paris, but had left early, just a few minutes before the attacks began.She got back to her rented apartment safely, and then began receiving frantic texts from the friends she had left behind.And she’s got the goods - she can certainly deliver. For the past few weeks Lily-Rose has been modelling in Paris, and was in the French capital during last Friday’s terrorist attacks.It turned out that the teenager was in the thick of it all, although her father didn’t know that at the time.

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- Collateral victim of Bataclan massacre The tragic story of Stephane Hache emerged on Wednesday.

This is a featured picture on the Spanish language Wikipedia (Recursos destacados) and is considered one of the finest images.

This is a featured picture on the Persian language Wikipedia (نگاره‌های برگزیده) and is considered one of the finest images.

Earlier the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told parliament that there were "two dead, possibly more." And the Interior Ministry has just given a statement to BFM TV saying "It is possible that a third terrorist body in the rubble" of the apartment stormed in Saint-Denis.

"We must wait until the investigation is progressing for identification." - More pictures emerge from police raid - The moment the female suicide bomber detonated her vest Le Parisien newspaper has spoken to one witness from Saint Denis this morning who described the moment when a woman suicide bomber blew herself up.


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