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This presentation will give an overview of types of batteries, what is a smart battery, communication schemes for smart batteries, battery capacity, shelf life, charge time, usage time, reliability, tips to extend battery life etc.

ISO standards applicable to batteries will also be discussed.

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My favorite classical composers Mozart, Hayden, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, I love to ride a bike, I do not smoke and do not drink, I drink a little whiskey and wine.

Love should never be a thrill, but also a deep sense that reading and the feeling in the eyes of the soul.

Well, allow me to write to you about myself, my name is Peter, I’m an American soldier, my father is American and his mother is from Russia, I was born in Russia, and Russia, I left when I was 3 years in America, I’m an only child my parents.

I lost my parents when I was very young and grew hard to the end.


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    The first session is an End User focused session titled This session is geared towards site owners and power users and will provide an overview of the search web parts available out of the box in Share Point 20 and show how they can be used to display dynamic, search driven content on your sites.

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    Starpulse: On The Ellen Show, you did this trick where you picked a random member of the audience and had her pick a verb and a color or something and it ended it being posted on your Twitter page.

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